10 days of Gratitude

“I share my gratitude freely with other and my happiness increases”

Four years ago, I participated in a 30 day gratitude challenge.  Every day for 30 consecutive days, I sent a heartfelt card expressing my gratitude for someone’s role in my life. The experience was amazing. I think almost every person reached out to me whether by email, phone or text. Each with a different reaction.  The biggest surprise was the impact it had on me.

I’ve always had a small circle of friends, so coming up with 30 different people was a challenge for me. As I moved through the challenge, I had to really look at my life and the people who played a role in helping me become the woman that I am today.  Initially I created a list of 15-20 people and I started with them. I reflected on the good and bad times; but I also, thought about their role in my life.

Hindsight really is 20/20.  In some instances, when I was living those moments, I couldn’t see the impact of a particular conversation, support and/or moments of silence would have on me later. Sometimes people, including myself, can get in their own way.  And that happened to me often.  As I sat down at my computer and created each card, my feelings towards the person and/or events were different.  I was older.  I was more appreciative.  I understood the saying…”a reason, a season or a lifetime”. Some of these people had been placed in my life for a reason, others for a season and then there are the “keepers” who are here for a lifetime.  No matter the reason, I expressed my sincere gratitude for them. I let them know how much I appreciated them and why.

10 days of Gratitude – send 1 card per day |10 consecutive days (or more) |10 different people. 10 people in your life who need to hear from you. Send out a message of gratitude and celebrate them now.

What to do:

  •  From the dropdown menu, select “Join the Gratitude Challenge”
  • Select > Set your own points > 30 points
  • Select > Expense funds (just enough to cover your postage)
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 Take the Challenge – 10 days of Gratitude

Every day for 10 consecutive days send a card to a different person. Tell them why theyre important to you.  Tell them why youre grateful to have them in your life.