What do Oprah and I have in common?

I was reading January 2017 issue of O magazine and there was an article titled “Here We Go!”

The article focuses on what people would like the year 2017 to bring to their lives.  After a series of questions and statements, Oprah labels 2017 as the Year of Adventure.  Although I didn’t ask the exact same questions of myself, I did reach the same conclusion.  Last November, I labeled 2017 as My Year of Travel.  I’ve been visualizing myself in Europe, the Bay area, East Coast roadtrip, etc. etc for years; but, two months ago I decided to put action behind my thoughts.  Remember, Thoughts > Feelings > Actions > Results.

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  1. I’ve purchased several books about traveling through Europe.
  2. I’ve found a few blogs which discuss solo travel, as well as, traveling on the Eurail
  3. Last month, Michaels craft store released several new planners.  I purchased three (3) of them.  Each designated as a travel journal for 3 separate trips.
  4. I’ve setup a separate savings account to pay for my travels.

Oprah states her focus isn’t so much about traveling as it is about stepping outside of her comfort zone.  Pushing the boundaries.  For the most part, we’re on the same page; but, traveling abroad is a HUGE step outside of my comfort zone.  I’m 54 years old, and I got my first passport in 2015, Needless to say, I don’t have any stamps on it.  I’m looking forward to traveling.  Seeing the world and experiencing different cultures.

I don’t consider this a resolution, and I don’t have a bucket list. It’s a part of my master plan to live by design and create new life stories.  I’ve moved past the struggle, I’ve dealt with the plot twist and now I’m working on my re-writes.

What are you hopes for 2017 and beyond?  Have you created a life plan?




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