My Story

Hi, I’m Sherry also known as Lou. In addition to writing this blog, I’m an aspiring entrepreneur.  I love spending time with my family and friends; as well as, coloring, scrapbooking and art journaling.

For the past few years, I constantly find myself sharing my thoughts regarding the laws of attraction, visualization and budgeting with friends. Much to my surprise, my stories of manifesting things into my life have become a source of inspiration to them. My ability to live on a budget piqued some friends interest. While my knowledge on the laws of attraction / manifesting is work in progress, budgeting comes natural to me; so recently, I decided to share these thoughts through a blog. I hope you’ll enjoy the website and join in the conversation. Sharing our stories may help someone else with their journey.

Sharing my story. Life hasn’t always been easy. As a single mom, there were challenging times both financially and professionally.  As I tell my daughters, everyone goes through something in their lifetime; but, what’s important is what you take away from the situation. Now that I’m older, when I look back on those times in my life, I realize those experiences were a part of my journey. I needed to travel that particular road to end up where I am today. 

In 2008, my challenges took me into the local bookstore where I picked up a copy of The Secret. For some reason, I opened the book to Jack Canfield’s story. After reading his story, I continued to read the rest of the book. After reading the book, I watched the movie. After watching the movie, I began to research the Laws of Attraction. The power of our thoughts. My aha moment came when I realized the role my negative thoughts had played in my life. I had always been one of those people who focused on the negative versus the positive in a situation. Always analyzing the worst case scenario. This realization was life changing. Since this time, I’ve created my vision board. I spend time visualizing life events as though they have already occurred. I have affirmations which I say daily. And, when I feel as though negativity has begun to consume me, I step away from the situation and allow my thoughts to focus on something that brings me joy. My goal is to keep negative thoughts, situations and people out of my life, or at least minimize them… me, it ain’t always easy. Don’t get me wrong, I still have challenges in my life; but, I have also been able to manifest some of my dreams into reality.

My belief is….you don’t have to experience a situation personally to learn a lesson. If you can benefit from someone’s experiences, why wouldn’t you want to? The premise behind this blog is to share my thoughts and experiences regarding budgeting, finances, career, health and mindset. My hope is that my experiences will help you make wiser choices for your own life. But more importantly, that you’ll learn far earlier than I did that mindset is an essential part of your journey.

Remember, You Are the Author of Your Story

Sherry Lou