Finding Balance

Lately, I’ve been so focused on my online training courses.  It was starting to consume my thoughts and time; and, as a result, exhausting me.  Last Tuesday, I received an email from Michael’s Craft Store regarding a new mixed media line.  I wasn’t familiar with the artist so I went on YouTube and viewed some of her videos……I like her style and I’ve been wanting to play around with water colors for some time; but more importantly, I know that I need balance in my life.  Even though I want to get through this training so that I can move onto step #2 of my action plan, I can’t work on it morning, noon and night.  I’m feeling burnt out.  I’m not focused. I’m not productive.

Back to the mixed media products……If you know anything about Michaels, you know that it is highly probable the line will sell out.  So, I got up the next morning and went to two Michaels stores to purchase paint, stencils, watercolor paper, journals etc.  I’m so glad I did because, as of Saturday, the stores were almost sold out.

The artist, Jane Davenport, created a Facebook group for her product line.  In less than oneweek, stores across the United States have sold out of the products. Women in the FB group are posting some beautiful pictures of their artwork….I’m getting inspired.  Once again, I’m feeling excited and I can’t wait to paint.

Goals are important; but, so is balance.   Creating balance has actually made me more productive.  I’m starting to enjoy the training.   It no longer feels like a chore or something that I’m dreading.

How can you create balance in your life?

Sherry Lou



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