Dr. Oz Faithful Friday

Last month, I wasn’t feeling well. I was sick on a few different occasions; as a result, I wasn’t completing any tasks or moving closer to my goals.   Slowly, my thought process began to shift.  While lying in the bed, I focused so much on the negative.  Instead of appreciating life and what I have, I continued to focus on what I thought was lacking. What I thought was missing.  Trust me, I realized very quickly that wasn’t a good look.

Luckily for me, I’m on Devon Franklin’s email list so I received notification that he was appearing on Dr. Oz’s show (Faithful Fridays).  I couldn’t watch the show live, so I set my DVR to record the episode.  The segment started out talking about the #Blessed30 Challenge and what it entails.  For me, this is a must and I plan to start today.

One day…One thought at a time.

Check it out


“The #Blessed30 Challenge translates to 30 days of positive and joyful living”

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