Storytelling, Mindset, Balance and Michelle Obama

Have you ever had one of those days where you wanted to fast forward to 11:59pm so you could start a new day?  Well, around 11-11:30am I thought today was one of those days.  I was at work and I felt like I had been disrespected.  In my opinion my integrity and competency were questioned. But to add insult to injury it was done in a passive / aggressive way.  I allowed those 15-20 minutes to steal my joy the remainder of the day.  I know right…..CRAZY.  Typically, I don’t allow people or circumstances to steal my joy, so I’m not sure why this particular incident has such an impact on me.  Plus, my reaction to this particular situation was disproportionate to the comments but I wasn’t sure why.  Yes, the person’s comments were offensive and disrespectful, but my reaction was strong.  When this happens in my life, it’s time to reflect.  Why am I really upset?  There are a few things that come to mind —- I take pride in my work.  I take pride in being straightforward with people.  I don’t try to “spin” a situation or pass blame.  Since I thought I remained true to these principles during our conversation, the comments from the other person caught me by surprise.  Surprised – yes. Offended – yes.  Angry – No. But I was angry.   Why?  I would like to say that I have an answer, but I don’t.  I’m still trying to figure that out, but I was able to release some of those feelings before the work day was over.

Next, what do I need to do to resolve the feelings behind my reaction?  In this particular instance, I decided to take a few moments for myself.  Sit down and watch some television.  I didn’t know if that would help, but that’s what I decided to do.  Turned on the television –> went through the DVR —> selected Through the Fire – Barack Obama.  There was a segment of the special where people spoke of Michelle Obama.  Her personality. Her principles.  Her legacy.  Her story.  I was starting to feel like myself; but more importantly, I felt inspired.  Inspired to move forward.  Inspired to remain true to myself.  Inspired not to allow someone else’s comments and/or opinions steal my joy. Inspired to be the best “ME” that I can be.  But, do you know what I was most inspired about?  My blog.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been struggling with the direction of my blog.  One day…personal finance.  The next day….storytelling.  Another day of the week, be true to all of you (mind, body and soul) so cliché right!  But all along, I’ve wanted my blog to focus on story.  Stories Inspire.  Stories Uplift.  Stories Transform Lives.   Just like today, hearing others speak about Michelle Obama.  Reminisce about her years in the White House.  Those stories caused a shift in my mindset.  They helped me to move passed today’s events.

I think that we all have a story to tell.  Whether it’s overcoming a health issue.  Caring for an ailing parent.  The highs and lows of raising a teenager.  Overcoming financial hardship. The adventures while traveling the world. The struggles and rewards of owning and operating your own business. Your story may resonate with someone.  Your story may inspire them to move forward in their lives. Pursue their dreams. Plan a trip around the world or a staycation.

So, as you can see, I’ve found my theme.  Storytelling.  The only conditions that I’ll have….tell a story to UPLIFT, INSPIRE and/or TRANSFORM someone’s life.

I hope you participate as we move forward to change lives one story at a time.

Sherry Lou





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